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About Triston Giesie

After NASA stated I was "too qualified," to join the astronaut program, I decided I should do what I'm best at, what I love doing—storytelling and establishing brands.

To be fair, I've always thought of myself as more of a writer anyways. Throughout my life, I've found different ways to capture an audience's attention, and there's nothing, not even a trip to space, that I would trade for that feeling (though I would jump at an opportunity to do both).

It started in the fifth grade, when I gathered all the boys in Mrs. Thrashers' homeroom to hear about my first kiss. As I grew, picked up a few vocabulary words and worked towards formalizing my education, this skill to explain situations and define who I am became as valuable as my college degree. Together, I see that they're quintessential to summarizing who I am and where I will go.

Striving to go an extra step has always been a strong suit of mine; taking a step out of my comfort zone is where I'm, ironically, the most comfortable. The largest chunk of my media experience has come from reporting at The Facts, where I spent a summer honing in my talents and applying the skills I'd learned thus far to produce content, edit and share the stories of Brazoria County with its people.


As I finish my degree, I keep trying to pinpoint what separates me from my peers entering the workforce. Could I use stick-to-itiveness, determined, ambitious or some other buzzwords? Sure, and they'd be true too. However, that's not enough. It's my personality, my Giesie-ness, if you will, that sets me apart.


I can't help but think I'm lacking a cliche, so allow me to share one that is both trite and true: I am a motivated individual looking for a team to join, somewhere that'll be mutually beneficial for myself and my clients.

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